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Here are just a few of examples of what people say about us and our services.

Mr Jones, Lincolnshire
we needed to move fast and our property needed a lot of work. Interested buyers were having trouble getting mortgages because property was classed as in habitable. We contacted Property Renovations Ely and they purchased my home allowing me to move into my new property.
“…recommend you anyday of the week”

Unmortgageable house

Mr Fairfax, Lincolnshire
we were facing a looming repossession, so contacted Property Renovations Ely and they purchased my property allowing me to pay back the bank and maintain a good credit rating.
“…no hesitation in recommending your company”

Looming repossession

Mrs Willows, Lincolnshire
we had limited equity in our home and no longer wanted the burden of the property, so we contacted Property Renovations Ely they took over our mortgage payments using a rent to own service.
“…saved us a major headache”

Limited equity

Mr and Mrs Sanderson, Cambridgeshire
we inherited a property from a member of the family. The property was rundown and required considerable work. Property Renovations Ely saved us estate agents fees and removed the burden of a property we simply didn’t desire to keep.
“…a burden no more”

Inherited rundown house

Mr Anderson, Cambridgeshire
we purchased a rundown property but realised it was little more involved than first anticipated. Property Renovations Ely purchased the property from me and completed the renovation. Saving me a major headache with mounting costs.
“…a life saver”

Derelict house